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Barefoot Innovation Podcast

Oct 19, 2022

Young speaks to Jo Ann about the alliance that she leads and how its innovative members are building the bridge from traditional compliance to digitized solutions.

Jul 7, 2022

We had hoped to post this episode during Pride Month and didn’t quite make it, but, of course, the topic is timeless. My guest is Rob Curtis, CEO and Cofounder of Daylight, a fintech startup that focuses on serving LGBTQ customers. In our conversation, Rob shares the story of why and how Daylight came to be. He talks...

Jan 16, 2022

Happy New Year everyone! As we enter 2022 and hope it turns out better than its two predecessors, one of my goals for the year is to invite you on a journey with me to explore the frontiers of change in finance, and of course therefore, financial regulation. We’re going to look at Web 3.0, DeFi, crypto, blockchains,...

Aug 23, 2020

Shamir and Angela explain the fascinating meanings of the word, Sila. They describe their business model, their customer base, and their back-end infrastructure based on Ethereum. They explain their revenue model -- they say their pricing is so good, especially for startups, that they put it right on their homepage.


Apr 30, 2020

Trailblazing is hard work. It is not easy to carve out a path no one has followed before, knowing where you want to go but not precisely how to get there. That is exactly what today’s guest has done. Colin Walsh is the CEO of Varo, and Varo is the first fintech startup to become chartered as a national bank.