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Barefoot Innovation Podcast

Mar 7, 2022

I started the Barefoot Innovation show in 2015. My guest today is the person who suggested I create a podcast. He is Matt Van Buskirk, Co-CEO of Hummingbird Regtech and also, among many things, a member of AIR’s Advisory Council.

We are starting a new special series of shows where we’ll bring in guests and, instead of having them talk about what they’re doing, we’ll ask them to talk about what they are seeing, and learning, and thinking. In a way, we’ll be going back to the original concept of the show, which was to make it possible for listeners to be like a fly on the wall in a fascinating conversation. I, for one, am having these kinds of conversations almost every day lately, with smart, visionary people who are trying to figure out the uncharted territory ahead, and how to navigate it.