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Barefoot Innovation Podcast

Nov 28, 2019

Today’s guest leads one of the most important institutions in that movement. She is Greta Bull, a director of the World Bank and CEO of CGap, the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor.

In our conversation, Greta describes the progress and also the daunting work ahead. She talks about challenges in cyber-security. She talks about interoperability -- how to address fragmentation within and between markets, since digital finance is all about scale. She explains the role of e-commerce in driving change in various parts of the world. She talks about the potential role of big tech firms, their strengths in leveraging data, and the challenge of working with financial systems that have an analog-to-digital interface. She talks about the need to help people become financially resilient, so that they can weather shocks without falling so far backwards that they can’t recover. She explains where we are in solving the gender gap in financial access, which continues to be very high.